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FPP’s unique style of theatre uses black light, special puppets and props, and the result is they seem to float magically on their own across the stage.

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‘She Did WHAT?!!,’ is based on the critically acclaimed children’s book written by Dupuy and adapted for the stage. It’s a sweet and funny hour-long musical about a baby who is born in the town of Narrow with what the doctor says is a “difference.”

In Narrow, people are narrow-minded and follow narrow rules so anyone born with something outside of their narrow normal is shunned and criticized. What is her difference? The girl expels butterflies every time she farts, and as she gets older the butterflies become bigger.

It’s a silly example of a difference, but it is hilarious throughout the story and hits home in spreading the moral message that people’s differences should be embraced, not seen as an obstacle, and that people should love and accept one another just as they are.

The music in this show is by Pete Coulman, lyrics by JD lbay and includes voices from Canada’s original songbird, Catherine McKinnon who is the voice of the nurse. Dupuy is the voice of the mom, Khalilah Brooks voices the little girl and Cal Dodd voices six characters including the dad and the doctor.

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Khalilah Brooks And Newstalk 1010 Jerry Agar Segment Jingle

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