Khalilah Brooks

Khalilah Brooks
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Khalilah was born in Halifax Nova Scotia. Like most singers Khalilah grew up in the church, singing with her family. Khalilah learned through song, there was joy, tears and praise. At the tender age of 16 Khalilah really began to flourish when recognized by David Woods, the Artistic Director of the Black Artists Network of Nova Scotia.

David Woods gave Khalilah her first break to dance for his production group” Voices”. It was here where she discovered the need to perform. In 2002 Khalilah took the lead vocalist in the band “faith in the making where she performed steady throughout Ontario until 2004. After the band parted Khalilah continued to preserver and joined a Hip hop group called “DaMovemeant” where she joined forces with two male artists to create a new Canadian sound.

”DaMovemeant” ( Khalilah, Fuzzy J, and Katt Fayme) became a great success with full house live performances throughout Ontario , and a strong fan based following, with a single on local mainstream radio stations such as “The Border” and even doing jingles for local businesses and radio advertisement. The group sold single handedly over 5,000 cds within the short period of 9 months.

Khalilah was recognized by American Modeling Talent Convention (AMTC) in 2005 where she traveled to Kansas City Kansas and ranked top 10 out of thousands of competitors for her unique style and vocal skill. Khalilah also did a short film where she made an appearance playing the character of “Sadie” the rebel biker in the film called “Sitting Kills”.

Her journey to Toronto since September 2009 has already been successful. She’s performed at local Toronto hotspots such as Sydney’s and Jo Mamas, Placed 2nd in the Istars Zack Warner(candaian idol judge) competition for singer / song writer in April 2011, and 2nd place for her vocals in the “La Musique Circle” competition in May 2011. You can also find her in new commercials for year 2012 ,tv interviews 2012 with rogers,on discovery channel, doing live theatre,and of course her famous one women story telling shows . story telling, and live performances in Toronto.

Khalilah also plays an important role in the Toronto community working with Mentoring Junior Kids Organization (MJKO) through the sport of non-contact boxing.

Khalilah is now the founder and president of B-AM Brooks Artist & Management where she is able to mentor children ages 0-12  through her story telling workshops on bullying. The story telling workshops allows Khalilah to touch the collective and assist with  teaching children how to love themselves and others ,while learning to say NO! when feeling hurt or violated by words or touch.

Khalilah is excited to continue to embrace her lifes journey and contributing her part through the entertainment industry.


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