Marketing and Website Development

Web4Leads Inc.

Web4Leads is an all in one, full service marketing and consulting firm providing expertise with internet marketing, lead generation strategies and tactics, marketing automation, SEM, SEO, website optimization, and general marketing consulting services to drive more website traffic, increasing lead quality, and raise brand awareness for businesses with limited marketing

Bally Boodram, Founder - As the founder of Web4Leads, Bally oversees a team of SEO, Social Media, PPC, and Design experts. Bally has worked in marketing for more than 15 years, most recently serving as Vice President of Marketing for PROPHIX Software. His accomplishments include growing the house list from 14,000 contacts to well over 250,000 contacts and moving the company from an unknown software vendor to a well recognized Performance Management leader in the eyes of Gartner Group, BPM Partners, Forrester, as well as prospects and customers. Bally has an Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto, and has held various marketing and product management roles for companies such as Thermo Electron Corporation, JD Edwards/Peoplesoft, and IBM Canada.

Entertainment Law

Eb Reinbergs, ESQ

Eb Reinbergs
has established himself as one of the most connected well respected and influential lawyers in the entertainment industry today. While he began his legal career as a securities lawyer working on multi-million public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, in 2003 he focused his talents towards the entertainment industry where he practiced as one of three partners in the Toronto boutique corporate and entertainment law firm Reinbergs Guttenson Roberts.
Eb was instrumental in negotiating Melanie Fiona’s recording contract setting the stage for her successful career and eventual Grammy award winning success. Most recently, Eb has continued his professional career as the founding partner of Three60Legal, a modern day law firm providing services in a multitude of areas. It is here that he continues to practice corporate and entertainment law to an ever expanding roster of clients which includes celebrity Chefs Robert Rainford and Ted Reader, successful concert and entertainment events BeerFest and the Reel World Film Festival , just to name a few.


Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization (MJKO)

Miranda Kamal, Founder 
- Young people today are seeking leadership and education to help pave the way to healthy, active living in a safe, caring school environment. After reviewing the “Active Healthy Kids Canada 2009 Report Card on Physical Activity” we at MJKO believe that we can help close the gap and get kids moving.

We use the sport of boxing as a teaching tool. Boxers train, learn how to defend themselves and practices their skills. When competition day arrives, what separates them from their competitors is the strong belief and confidence in themselves. It is this confidence that allows athletes to have the physical and mental endurance for success.

Artist and Design

Open Door Designs

Joanne Bigham, Founder - An accomplished painter, sculptor and printmaker, Joanne Bigham entered the world of puppet theatre by chance. She spent six years on the road with children’s entertainers Sharon, Lois and Bram as an “elephant keeper”, props person and designer and later wrangled Ella and CC Copy Cat for Skinnamarink TV, wildly popular with the under-six TV crowd. Open Door Designs was born when a friend asked Joanne to make a puppet theatre that could be taken to libraries and schools. Since then the business has continued to thrive and grow with the introduction of several free standing portable puppet theatres and a variety of puppets. In 2007 Joanne opened the Open Door Designs’ retail store, located on Dupont Street in Toronto, which features her own designs alongside other Canadian puppet builders as well as a comprehensive vintage collection, all for sale.


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